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Panblast  is professional manufacturer and supplier for airless pump and paint spray guns kit, airless paint equipment / painting kit which including the airless pump, airless spray gun, high pressure hose, extension bar,  and other spare parts, for all kinds of big area painting spraying jobs such as farm, building and construction, sheet metal fabrication, general machinery, commercial, wall, building, road, bridge, factory, residential, commercial, industrial interiors and exteriors decoration, decks and fences, anticorrosive project etc with all kinds of primers, basecoats topcoats, latex, paints, emulsions, oil-based & water-based coatings, enamels, mastics, chlorinated rubber paint, epoxy paint, etc in low, medium and high viscosity.

We have the full range of airless pump which including the electric airless pump & pneumatic air-assisted, airless spray gun tips,filter, airless hose types which could meet your request for different kinds of painter jobs.....Currently we're selling to EGYPT, UAE, SAE ,LYBIA , JORDAN , SOURIA , many countries. Contact us now for our best price.


PanBlast Airless Pump For Your Coating Requirements




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